At Home Pull Up Workout – Beginner Ninja Warrior Training

Are you looking for your first pullup? Maybe chasing your goals to be the next American Ninja Warrior? Push yourself to chase your goals! You can do it!

After making it Vegas Finals on American Ninja Warrior (S11 Tacoma/Vegas), I often get asked what type of workouts people can do without a gym close by! I came up with these 3 routes – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced – you can do with me with only a pullup bar!

This home 10 minute (roughly ha!) workout video will get you on your way to training for American Ninja Warrior!

We include exercises click pull ups, dead-hangs, and clapping pull ups on the bar! Then we hit some high knees, jumping jacks and planks to help balance out the rest of the body! Ninja also takes a lot of core work so we wanted some of the workout to obviously focus on that as well! Finally it’s the conditioning that will keep you moving obstacle to obstacle!

Which Pullup Bar?

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