How to build an adjustable garage climbing peg board using a french cleat

Peg board climbing has begun!! In this video we show you how to build a DIY Pegboard

We used a French cleat system to hang the first two parts of our climbing wall – a peg board and cliffhanger. The French cleat allows it to be fully adjustable & rearrangeable. You can move the pieces to any configuration you want or add or take away pieces. We show you how to make all of this in this DIY video.

Peg boards are commonly used in Crossfit workouts as well.

The Cliffhanger is similar to a rock climber’s campus board, fingerboard, or training board, which are used to build finger and grip strength!

Now that we built this, my kids are basically outside in the garage every free moment! They have the calluses to prove it! They are already asking for new stuff to build on the french cleat system! Let us know if you have ideas you want to see us add to it!

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