NoCry Massage Gun Review – Better than Hypervolt!

Is the NoCry Massage Gun Worth It? NoCry sent us this massage gun to do a review!


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This is an Amazon affiliate link and we get a kickback, but the review is 100% honest and our own words.

Massage guns are great for recovery, but I also like them to help warm-up my muscles as well. The NoCry Massage gun is one of our favorites we’ve used! It easily takes on the big companies like Theragun and Hypervolt. The ergonomic design & soft touch material are some of the extras that put this massage gun well above the others! It also has incredible battery life (up to 6 hours – days to weeks easily) and is quiet!


  • 26v 2550mAh battery with 4-6 hr battery life
  • Weight is 2lb 3.6oz
  • 4 heads & 5 speeds from 1400-3200bpm with a stroke of 12mm
  • Uses a brushless motor which allows it to be quiet
  • 4 year warranty


  • Comes with smaller case
  • Battery lasts easily days/weeks for personal use
  • It’s probably one of the quietest massage gun I’ve used
  • Weight is light for how big of battery
  • Ergonomic design & soft touch material
  • Stop force 55lb on highest

Massage Gun Comparison

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